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Emergency Dental Services in West San Jose, CA

Emergencies by the nature of their definition are unpredictable. Further even though a dental emergency may arise quickly and unpredictably. The treatment for these emergencies is oftentimes straightforward. Regardless of if you need a simple tooth repair or even a tooth extraction. Contact us for emergency dental services such as broken, knocked-out teeth, broken jaws, loose brackets and wires. or lost crowns and fillings.

In particular we are able to handle an emergency dental issue like an incision and drainage and extractions. Above all immediate implants and any other such emergencies including dental trauma. With this in mind you need an emergency dentist in San Jose, the experienced experts at Canaan Dental are there to handle the problem. If you think you have a medical emergency please call 911.


Your Go To For Emergency Dental Services in San Jose, CA!

Your health is extremely important and we will do everything in our power to make sure that you are taken care of. A dental emergency can be stressful, we want to ensure that we are able to assess your problem quickly. Your dental and overall health are a priority to us and will ensure you are getting the highest quality of care.

There are few things worse than a broken or painful tooth. Often life is not considerate enough to wait for business hours or regularly scheduled appointments, so we make the commitment to provide high-quality and comfortable emergency dentistry care for our patients. If you have a dental emergency, the first thing you need to do is to call our office. We are here to help ensure that your teeth are cared for and every effort will be made to ease the pain or repair your tooth, but you’ll need to call ahead of time so we can be prepared to provide you with the help you need.

We understand the importance of having dental professionals available to you when you need emergency care. Not just when we happen to be in the office. Our team of friendly, professionals trained in the latest techniques in virtually pain-free care. Don’t suffer through a seemingly endless night of pain while waiting for a dentist that who as soon as possible. Contact Canaan Dental today to receive immediate emergency dental care.

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