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When it comes to exceptional dental care in West San Jose, look no further than Canaan Dental. Our dental clinic offers a comprehensive range of oral healthcare services to cater to your entire family’s needs, from preventive care to smile enhancements and more. Whether you need a simple dental cleaning or extensive dental work, you can count on our dental team. 

No matter your dental requirements, our knowledgeable team is here to assist you every step of the way. Join us for thorough preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dental care right here in West San Jose. Don’t hesitate—schedule your next dental appointment with our compassionate team today!

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Meet Our Dentists

Our experienced dental team provides exemplary care. They take time to explain your oral health needs and any treatment you’ll get. 

Meet our dentists below.

Meet Our Dental Team

The Canaan Dental difference begins the moment you enter the door and our kind front-office staff greets you. From receptionists to hygienists and beyond, our entire dental team is committed to you. 

Meet our dental team below!

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Our Dental Services in West San Jose

Canaan Dental is your one-stop destination for comprehensive dental care services in West San Jose. Here are some of the oral healthcare services we provide:

Children’s Dentistry

We're dedicated to setting your children up for a lifetime of healthy smiles with children's dentistry in West San Jose. Our primary goal is to ensure that dental care is a positive and comfortable experience for children. Bring your young ones to our kids' dental clinic today.

TMJ Treatment

If you're dealing with symptoms like jaw popping, persistent headaches, or earaches, you might be experiencing TMJ issues. We address the causes of TMJ to help you alleviate these symptoms. Visit us for effective TMJ treatment in West San Jose.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Unlock the full potential of your smile with the help of our cosmetic dentist in West San Jose. We offer customized cosmetic dental services to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Improve the brightness, alignment, and shape of your smile with our cosmetic dentist.


Enhance both the appearance and health of your teeth by straightening them. Our experienced orthodontist in West San Jose is here to help! Visit our orthodontist for braces, Invisalign, custom retainers, and more.

Invisalign Treatment

Say goodbye to traditional braces with Invisalign clear aligners, a modern, virtually invisible method for straightening your teeth. These clear aligners are removable, allowing you to eat, drink, and maintain your oral hygiene with ease. Get a straight smile without metal braces with Invisalign treatment in West San Jose.

Teeth Whitening

Brighten your smile and improve its appearance with professional teeth whitening in West San Jose. We offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening options to suit your preferences and needs. Witness the transformation of your smile in just one visit!

Dental Implants

Replace a missing tooth with durable dental implants that securely anchor to your jawbone, They provide a durable and secure solution for tooth replacement. Visit our dental clinic for custom dental implants in West San Jose.

Dental Crowns

Our personalized dental crowns restore damaged teeth. Preserve the size, shape, and function of your tooth with a tooth crown. Let us work together to restore your smile with a custom dental crown. Visit our dental clinic for restorative dental care today.


Custom dental veneers can help you get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Veneers can transform a single tooth or your entire smile, addressing various smile imperfections. Improve the shape, color, size, and alignment of your smile with porcelain veneers in West San Jose.

Visit Our Dental Office in West San Jose

Canaan Dental is your trusted partner for all your dental needs in West San Jose. Count on our comprehensive dental clinic to improve the health and appearance of your smile. We use cutting-edge equipment to ensure the best dental experience. Our dedicated dental team is ready to help you with all of your dental needs today! 

We’re eager to help you achieve your smile goals! Schedule your appointment with our dental office in West San Jose today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dentists in West San Jose

Why Choose Canaan Dental as My Dentist in West San Jose?

Canaan Dental is your top choice for dental care in West San Jose. We offer exceptional dental care in a modern, welcoming environment. Patients choose us for several reasons, including:

  • Complete dental services for patients of all ages
  • A knowledgeable family dentist 
  • State-of-the-art dental technology and techniques 

For a dentist that you can trust in West San Jose, visit Canaan Dental.

Dental emergencies can happen at any time. Common dental emergencies include bleeding gums, chipped teeth, or a knocked-out tooth. However, a dental emergency is any dental concern that needs immediate attention. Visit our emergency dental clinic in West San Jose for prompt dental assistance.

Dental anxiety is a common concern affecting individuals of all ages. At Canaan Dental, we understand your concerns and work diligently to ensure your dental care is comfortable. Our patient and experienced team will help you feel at ease during your care. We offer sedation dentistry options to guarantee your comfort and safety.

The dental implant process often involves at least two dental appointments. During the initial visit, we insert the implant into your jawbone. Afterward, we allow time for the implant to heal and fuse with your jawbone, which may take up to a few months. Once the implant has healed, you return for the final step, which involves attaching the bridge or crown to complete your dental implant.

What are our patients saying about us?

With over 133+ reviews and an average 5 star ratings, it’s safe to say our patients have a lot to say about our smile care. See what our patients have to say in the testimonials below.

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