Taking Care of Your Smile as You Get Older: Tips from Canaan Dental in San Jose

Taking Care of Your Smile as You Get Older: Tips from Canaan Dental in San Jose

As time goes on, looking after your teeth requires a little extra care. Aging changes our bodies, including our mouths. These changes make us more likely to have dental issues including gum troubles, cavities, and even tooth loss.

At Canaan Dental in San Jose, our goal is to help seniors take the best possible care of their teeth.

In this guide, our dental team shares some friendly advice on aging and taking care of your teeth.

How Aging Affects Your Smiles

Aging alters every cell in our bodies, including our mouths. While it is a beautiful and natural process, getting older can put us at a greater risk for dental concerns like gum disease and tooth decay. Fine motor skills, needed for brushing and flossing, also become more difficult, which can affect our ability to take care of our teeth on a daily basis.

The Leading Reason for Adult Tooth Loss: Gum Disease

Gum disease is the leading cause for adult tooth loss. Damaged gums won’t be able to support teeth, which can lead to them falling out. Early identification and treatment of gum disease can prevent tooth loss in the elderly.

The first stage of gum disease, gingivitis, is marked by irritated, swollen, or bleeding gums. When treated during this stage, gum disease is reversible. Our team at Canaan Dental is dedicated to keeping your smile healthy, and we always check for gum concerns during your dental checkups.

Dealing with Challenges in Senior Dental Care

Besides the natural changes aging brings, seniors might have a harder time taking care of their teeth at home.

Issues like trouble moving and doing fine tasks, such as brushing and flossing, can make daily dental care a major challenge. For that reason, professional dental cleanings are even more imperative for preventing dental problems.

Regular Senior Dentistry is Vital

Routine preventative dental care, like teeth cleanings and exams, are imperative for older adults. But we get it—lots of older adults don’t go to the dentist as much as they should, often because they’re worried about the expenses and how to get there.

Our compassionate team at Canaan Dental understands the stress and fear often surrounding senior dental care. We do all we can to ensure your comfort and to support you in your dental care journey.  Our experienced dentist for seniors is all about helping older adults maintain healthier smiles as they get older.

Discover Friendly Senior Dentistry at Canaan Dental

Canaan Dental is here to help with all of your dental care needs in San Jose. We offer a complete suite of senior dentistry services, including teeth cleanings, exams, dentures, root canals, and more. Count on us for quality care in a compassionate environment.

Let’s take care of your smile throughout your golden years. Book your appointment with our senior dentist in San Jose today!