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Tooth Extractions in West San Jose, CA

Most patients and dentists would agree on one thing, it’s always best to keep your natural teeth if at all possible. Sometimes, however, Dr. Chou may need to recommend tooth extractions if he determines that it’s best for the patient. Whatever the reason from gum disease to a single, badly decayed tooth, that can’t be saved. Dr. Chou offers tooth extractions as one of the many services he proudly provides to his patients from throughout the San Jose, CA, area.

We handle most adult and child extractions, including surgical extraction and select cases of wisdom teeth. Canaan Dental does not provide sedation. Modern dentistry techniques have made procedures so much easier on the patient. And the same holds true for tooth extractions. Dr. Chou will only recommend an extraction when it’s absolutely necessary. You may be surprised at just how simple and quick the procedure is. Your trip to our office for a tooth extraction should be relatively short. Dr. Chou will provide you with instructions on how to heal quickly in the comfort of your own home



Whatever the reason, tooth extraction is more often than not a very routine procedure

How straightforward this minor surgery is will depend on where the tooth to be extracted is located in the mouth. For example, a front tooth with a single straight root is easier to remove than a molar with multiple roots. This is especially true when that molar is a wisdom tooth that is impacted. Meaning it is below the surface surrounded by gum tissue and bone. Often, a wisdom tooth is blocked from fully erupting (growing in) by other teeth in its path.

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